How to Get the Most Out of Black Friday 2020

How to get the most out of Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here – one of the most anticipated days in the shopping calendar – and for us here at Myvegan, we are ready to be even bigger and better than last year. We’ve prepared our team to make the most of this exciting date, which falls within our favourite month – World Vegan Month. You can look forward to some unbeatable offers, social giveaways, and even some game-changing new products.

There’s something for everyone this Black Friday – whether you’re a regular in the Myvegan community and preparing to stock up on your favourite products, or are brand new to the vegan lifestyle and want to try something new at an incredible value. Perhaps you’re being more adventurous with your vegan nutrition during World Vegan Month or are working towards a specific fitness goal before the year is up; whatever the reason, we’ve made sure that there is something for you.

But don’t miss out! We’ve put together this quick and easy guide to Myvegan’s Black Friday so you can get the most out of it this year.

What is Black Friday?

For those of you haven’t yet experienced the biggest shopping celebration of the year, you’re in for a treat. Black Friday is the informal name given to the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It’s a day when brands typically have some of their biggest deals and offers of the year, so is a go-to time period for people to stock up on their favourite essentials and do some early Christmas shopping.

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday 27th November, however the time frame that brands run special offers is often across the whole weekend and even in the days leading up to Black Friday. The following Monday is known as Cyber Monday which is a follow-on to the bargain-hunting frenzy of Black Friday.

Myvegan Black Friday 2020 is arriving early! You can expect incredible offers from Friday 20th November.

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Green is the new Black.

Your guide to Myvegan’s Black Friday 2020

Myvegan’s Black Friday 2020 is all about celebrating the power of plants and a more “green” lifestyle in general. Make sure you don’t miss out by following these key steps.

1. Follow our Social channels

Our Social channels are where the conversation happens. Get in on the all of the latest announcements, flash sales, and see what everybody else is excited about.

We are lucky to have an amazing and supportive community who share plant-based recipes, tips, and advice on their vegan lifestyle. We can’t wait to see your reactions to what we have in store this Black Friday – so make sure to tag us in your posts, stories, and comments using our handle @myvegan or the hashtags #Myvegan, #GreenIsTheNewBlack.

Here is where to follow:

Facebook = Myvegan

Instagram = @myvegan 

We also have our Myvegan Community Facebook Group where you can chat with other members of our family of game-changers. It’s also where we share updates, exciting news, and community perks – so you definitely want to join if you haven’t already.

Myvegan Facebook Community Group

2. Turn on Instagram Push Notifications

Push notifications are an amazing way to be the first to hear about everything. As soon as we release a news update, you’ll receive a notification in real-time. Just follow these steps to set it up if you haven’t already – it’s super easy!

  1. Go to our Instagram page @myvegan
  2. Make sure you are following us
  3. Tap the bell icon in the top right
  4. Switch on all notification options.

3. Sign-up for early access

Head over to our Black Friday Sign-Up page to unlock early access. Once you have, you’ll be first to hear about any email exclusives, including early access to offers.

4. Sign-up for SMS

This is different to signing up to emails. By signing up to SMS, you will receive live updates directly to your phone, including SMS exclusive offers! To make sure you are in our phone book, go to your Account Settings, and make sure your Communication Preferences are switched on.

SMS Sign Up

5. Keep checking your inboxes

Over the Black Friday weekend you’ll receive a lot of emails from different brands and it’s important to find the gold amongst the rubbish. This year, our emails will be where we share our biggest offers, so you definitely don’t want to miss them. So keep your eyes peeled for Myvegan in your inbox!

6. Write a Wishlist

Black Friday doesn’t wait for anyone so when the best deals are gone or the products run out of stock – that’s it! We don’t want anyone to not be able to get their favourite products, so we’ve prepared our teams to make sure every single order is taken care of as quickly as possible. Despite us working around the clock, this is one of the busiest times of the year so there won’t be any next day delivery available although we will do our best to get your order to you ASAP!

Make sure to explore our site to see the full range of vegan supplements, protein powders, and treats we offer. Check out the different flavours we have too so you can get your hands on them first.

Why not start at our New In page to discover our latest innovations.


Unbeatable prices? Check. Exciting competitions? Check. Brand new game-changing products? Check. There’s no better time to enjoy the full range Myvegan has to offer than now.

Black Friday is almost here…and we’re ready – are you?

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