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Myvegan grew from a desire to make plant-based well-being simple.

That means being mindful of the ingredients we use in all of our products — we always want to know exactly where they’ve come from and why they deserve to make the final cut. It’s our mission to offer the best range of natural and dairy-free choices, because we don’t know about you, but we’re sick of hearing how much you’re “missing out on” by going green. So we’re taking a stand by showing off all of the amazing things you can have with a plant-based lifestyle, starting with a handful of our favourite nutrition essentials and a vision to provide a complete source of holistic well-being for all. We’ve sown the seeds, so to speak.

Myvegan is for everyone.

And we really mean that. We think it’s important that everyone has the chance — and importantly, the choice — to fuel their bodies with natural goodness, which is why we’ll continue to innovate products that are 100% vegan and spread the word. We’re all about the Myvegan community, but you won’t find exclusivity here. You can wear trainers and still get into this club.

Our promise to you in a nutshell...

Quality you can count on

Here comes the thrilling small print stuff. Well, not quite… we aren’t about to sneak in a load of shady disclaimers or anything. It’s actually the opposite — this is the part where we tell you exactly where all our products have come from and what they’ve been up to. A background check, if you like.

When it comes down to it, we’re absolutely committed to delivering the best quality, taste, and variety that we can. Big claim, right? Well, we can back it up, don’t worry. We talk the talk and walk the walk.

First of all, we have our very own world-class, in-house production facilities. That means we’ve cut out the middle man and can control exactly what goes down — we develop, formulate and test all of our products. Oh, and we have the fancy equipment to match, including advanced filtration systems, Near-Infrared scanning and X-ray machines, all to make sure that every single product meets the highest quality standards.

You don’t just have to take our word for it though; there are plenty of expert organisations out there giving us their seal of approval too. Here are our official accreditations from independent third parties. 

Our expertise, their accreditation

So, whether you’re just trying to make it through the week or you have a specific goal in your sights — we’re here to help you unlock more from your body, and mind, with nothing but the power of nature. We aren’t saying we’re going to change your world with a Vegan Pancake Mix… but we think it’s as good a place to start as any. Tastes great too.

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