Myvegan’s Commitment To Sustainability

At Myvegan, we understand the importance of taking small steps to achieve big goals.

Whether that’s health, nutrition, or sustainability. It’s all about being committed to making that positive change, even if it takes time.

We’re dedicated to reaching our sustainability targets and keeping you updated on every stage of progress.

Net Zero Target

Our long-term sustainability goal is to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040. Achieving this means making changes to the full supply chain - from production right up until your plant-based products arrive on your doorstep.

Since April 2020, all THG operations including Myvegan have been using renewable electricity. And in 2022 we were sourcing 63% of our electricity from renewable sources.

Every step counts towards us changing for the better. We don’t just want to change ourselves, but also inspire others to progress in their own sustainability journey. To build a better future for all – together.

More Recyclable Packaging

The iconic Myvegan pouches have been a staple since we started out. But you might have noticed a slight difference in how this this packaging looks and feels.

To make these pouches easier to recycle, we’ve switched to a mono material. This means that the packaging is only one material, so you don’t have to separate the different components before recycling. Simple, right?

When you’ve finished your superfood blend or protein powder, just take the empty pouch to a supermarket and drop it in the soft plastics recycling bin.

The impact of these new pouches goes beyond just recyclability. They’re also flat-pack and more lightweight, so our deliveries can be optimised too.

Packaging is an essential part of our journey towards net zero and pouches are only the beginning. Our vegan snack bars are next on the list to have mono material packaging as we work to remove the inner foil layer.

Upcycled Ingredients

In 2023, we launched Plant Protein Superblend: a vegan protein powder made with upcycled barley and rice. This game-changing innovation uses grains leftover from the beer brewing industry that would otherwise go to waste.

Plant Protein Superblend is the first in our upcycled range, but certainly not the last.

We plan to use more upcycled ingredients in our future products to continue to reduce food waste where possible.

Continued Development

We’re taking every opportunity to move towards a more sustainable future. While we’re proud of the positive changes we’ve made so far, we know that there’s always room for growth.