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Last Updated: 20/04/2023

Our planet has given us so much. Now let’s give something back. We’re excited to announce we’re teaming up with (more:trees) to support their incredible mission to plant as many trees as possible along the equator – and here’s how you can help.

As part of our new loyalty scheme ‘Myloyalty’, we’ve partnered with (more:trees) to benefit both you and our incredible planet every time you shop. Not only will you earn exciting rewards as your work your way up the tiers, this partnership allows us to plant trees on your behalf so you’ll really be doing your bit to help restore our planet. And the more points you earn, the more trees we’ll plant. It really is that simple!

Find out more about Myloyalty here.

Myloyalty In Partnership With (more:trees) | Myvegan

What is (more:trees)?

(more:trees) is an eco tech platform with the goal to help businesses and individuals take impactful climate action, to secure the future of our planet now and for generations to come. They partner with tree planting partners that work on restoration projects across the world, bringing co-benefits such as poverty alleviation, biodiversity and community support.

Some of their restoration projects include:

  • Madagascar: Partnering with local communities to reforest one of the world’s top biodiversity conservation priorities.
  • Kenya: Working with partners to plant forests that channel water, supporting communities and wildlife.
  • Haiti: Helping local farmers plant trees that protect watersheds and improve food security and supply.

How does (more:trees) vet tree planting partners?

(more:trees) only partner with the projects you’d be happy to support and heavily research every partner to ensure:

  1. They actually are planting the trees and have reliable methods for accounting for seeds, saplings and trees planted.
  2. They’re planting trees in a way to maximise survival rates (e.g. only planting indigenous tree species and planting in the right seasons).
  3. They’re making a positive impact in the local community (e.g. educating locals, planting agroforestry trees, supporting different projects).

Myloyalty In Partnership With (more:trees) | Myvegan

Why plant trees?

Well, we all know climate change is bad news. Global temperatures are rising, affecting everything from the weather to human health. We need to act now to remove the excess carbon from our atmosphere.

A lot of what we hear is you have to stop doing this or stop eating that. It turns out that like eating more plants there are other positive things we can do more to help save our planet. Growing trees – particularly around the equator – is top of the list to fighting climate change. Here’s why:

1. More trees = more clouds = cooler planet

Trees absorb water from the soil, which turns into vapour, naturally rising and condensing into clouds. And clouds? They’re the perfect bright white (and fluffy) protective shield that reflects many of the sun’s rays back into space. Think of it like a massive parasol providing shade for our whole planet.

2. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2)

Forests are the lungs of our planet, sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere and turning it into oxygen, while fixing the carbon into the trees and soil. Now you know why a walk in the forest is so refreshing.

3. Some trees are cooler than others 

Forest types matter when it comes to cooling the planet. Reforestation of evergreen broadleaf forest in the tropics (around the equatorial belt) has the highest cooling impact (because the equator is where we experience the highest heat and sunshine all year round!). Whereas applying the same efforts to reforesting conifer forests at mid-to-high latitudes had the lowest cooling effect (because it’s already comparatively cool in Europe and North America!).

Forest growth is one of the most cost-effective solutions to the climate challenge our planet faces today. Let’s cool our planet together.

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