Introducing Jelly Belly Clear Vegan Protein: Our New Jelly Belly Drink

The wait is finally over – two brand new Myvegan x Jelly Belly Clear Vegan Protein powder flavours have just landed.

Here’s everything you need to know about Clear Vegan Protein, the new Jelly Belly flavours, and how to use them.

What is Jelly Belly Clear Vegan Protein?

Back in 2020, we launched the first flavours of our Clear Vegan Protein powder. This light, refreshing drink was (and still is) a game-changing alternative to traditional thick protein shakes.

Now, you can get Clear Vegan Protein in two new delicious Jelly Belly flavours! Add some sweet, colourful nostalgia to your everyday nutrition with limited edition Very Cherry and Berry Blue.

Each serving contains 11g of plant-based protein1, and at least 50% of your daily intake of essential B vitamins2,3.

If you were a fan of our other Jelly Belly flavours Strawberry Cheesecake and Top Banana, you’re sure to love these latest additions to our range.

What is Clear Vegan Protein? | Our World First Juicy Shake


What is Clear Vegan Protein? | Our World First Juicy Shake

Discover our juiciest and most refreshing plant-based protein powder.

2020-07-04 19:20:25By Arabella Ogilvie

Jelly Belly Clear Vegan Protein: Very Cherry

Very Cherry is Jelly Belly’s most popular flavour of all time, so it was an obvious choice for this partnership!

Very Cherry flavour is as close as it gets to the real thing, which makes it perfect for a juicy Clear Vegan Protein drink.

Bright red, super fruity, and perfect for a nutritious protein-packed drink at any time of the day. What’s not to like?

Jelly Belly Clear Vegan Protein: Berry Blue

The best things come in pairs, so you know we couldn’t just stick to one new flavour. If you’re looking for something a bit different, Berry Blue is the flavour for you.

A delicious medley of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry give Berry Blue its bright tangy flavour. Not only does it taste great, but it’ll also add a pop of colour to your pre- or post-workout routine.

How To Use Jelly Belly Clear Vegan Protein

Clear Vegan Protein is made to be shaken, not stirred. Simply add one serving (16g) of powder to 350ml of cold water in a shaker and mix well. There will be some natural foaming at first, but just leave it to settle for a few minutes and it’ll be ready to drink.

Serve on its own, or with ice and a dash of sparkling water. But juicy drinks aren’t all you can do with Very Cherry and Berry Blue…

Protein Ice Lollies

There’s nothing better than a good ice lolly on a hot day. But what if you could enjoy these childhood classics and get a nutrition boost at the same time?

Add frozen mixed berries to the ice lolly moulds after adding your Clear Vegan Protein drink for a refreshing summery treat.

Clear Vegan Protein Ice Lollies | Fresh & Fruity


Clear Vegan Protein Ice Lollies | Fresh & Fruity

Two juicy and refreshing ice lolly recipes using our Clear Vegan Protein for you to try at home.

2020-08-27 13:36:24By Arabella Ogilvie

Single-serving Protein Jellies

Really put the jelly in Jelly Belly and make these sweet, perfectly portioned fruit jellies.

The secret is using agar agar or xanthan gum to get that essential wobbly texture just right.

Clear Protein Fruity Tart

Fancy a step up from the smaller jellies? Try this plant-based jelly tart, complete with a crumbly spelt flour and Vanilla Soy Protein Isolate base.

One-Serve High-Protein Strawberry Vegan Jelly Tart


One-Serve High-Protein Strawberry Vegan Jelly Tart

With an innovative new product comes an innovative new recipe.

2020-02-12 14:30:15By Arabella Ogilvie

Take Home Message

Limited edition Very Cherry and Berry Blue Clear Vegan Protein, in partnership with Jelly Belly, are the newest members of our Clear family.

With 11g plant-based protein per delicious serving, they’re sure to (literally) add some colour to your everyday routine.

1 Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass 

2 Vitamin B12 contributes to the normal function of the immune system 

3 Vitamin B6 contributes to normal psychological function and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 

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