Magnesium Citrate | The Benefits & Dosage

Magnesium is the fourth most-abundant mineral in the body, and it’s mostly stored inside our bones. Because our bodies can’t make magnesium, we must get this mineral from our diets or supplements. Magnesium supplements are available in a variety of forms, one of which is magnesium citrate.

What is magnesium citrate?

Magnesium is a naturally occurring mineral that plays a major role in your body’s system. It’s essential for the functioning of your cells, muscles, bones, nerves and heart. You should usually get enough magnesium through a well-balanced healthy diet, but certain conditions can mean your body loses magnesium faster than you can replace it via food sources such as green leafy vegetables, spinach, nuts and grains.

Magnesium citrate is a compound of magnesium carbonate citric acids and is often prescribed as a supplement to treat magnesium deficiency. Men should consume between 410 and 420 milligrams of magnesium per day, while women should consume between 310 and 320 milligrams.

Benefits Of Magnesium Citrate | Myvegan

What is magnesium citrate good for?

The No. 1 reason to use any magnesium supplement is to help maintain adequate levels of this mineral to prevent deficiency. Believe it or not, some research shows that nearly two-thirds of the population in the western world does not achieve the recommended daily allowance for magnesium.

Magnesium deficiency is believed to be one of the most prevalent nutrient deficiencies that affects adults, for reasons including poor soil quality, issues with absorption, and a lack of fruits or vegetables in people’s diets. Not only can magnesium citrate help defend against deficiency symptoms like fatigue, muscle aches and trouble sleeping, but it’s also commonly used by doctors to alleviate constipation.

That’s not all. Read on learn more about magnesium citrate.

The health benefits of magnesium citrate

1. Helps to treat constipation

Yes, magnesium citrate usually results in a bowel movement within 30 minutes to eight hours, depending on the type you take and the dosage. Lower doses are recommended for daily use to help with regularity, in addition to sticking with other healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Higher doses are used only once or for several days if being used for medical reasons. If a high dose is taken you can expect to have a bowel movement within about three hours.

2. Can help prevent magnesium deficiency

Taking magnesium citrate is one way to increase magnesium levels, especially since it has higher bioavailability than some other types of magnesium supplements. Preventing magnesium deficiency is super important as magnesium is needed for hundreds of different bodily functions, plus for warding off common symptoms like anxiety, trouble sleeping, aches, spasms, headaches and blood pressure changes.

Benefits Of Magnesium Citrate | Myvegan

3. Supports muscle & nerve functions

Because magnesium is an electrolyte that’s particularly important for the muscles and nerve cells, using magnesium citrate may provide benefits like enhancing relaxation, increasing sleep quality. and helping with stress relief. It can also help fight muscle spasms, aches and pains since magnesium helps contracted muscles relax.

Benefits Of Magnesium Citrate | Myvegan

4. Supports cardiovascular & bone health

Magnesium is an essential mineral for maintaining bone density, normal cardiac rhythmicity, pulmonary function and healthy blood glucose levels. This is why deficiency in magnesium may lead to metabolic and circulatory changes that increase the risk of developing chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and others.

Magnesium is also needed to help with proper absorption of vitamin D, which has been associated with better protection against osteoporosis/weak bones, a weakened immune system and a number of illnesses. Vitamin D and magnesium, along with calcium and vitamin K, can help regulate bone metabolism and maintenance of bone density.

Benefits Of Magnesium Citrate | Myvegan

Magnesium citrate dosage

When considering magnesium citrate as part of your workout regimen, you need to bear in mind what your body needs and the demands of your training. Your body needs the right kind of nutrients in order to perform and develop correctly. As a dietary supplement, we recommend consuming 2g Magnesium Citrate (providing approximately 300mg of Magnesium), on a daily basis. Of course, going back to the subject of side effects, you must be cautious of how much magnesium you have taken in from other sources and supplements to avoid the potential laxative effects.

Magnesium citrate tablets vs. powder

The powder or pills debate always comes down to the same simple points, which you need to decide for yourself. These are how fast you need to get your supplement, how easy it’s dissolved, the cost and transportation.

In powder form, your body will be able to get the nutrients it needs faster as it is more easily absorbed when mixed with liquids. A tablet creates one more obstacle for your digestive system to break down.

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