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Our blends are a simple way to stay topped up on the nutrients that your body needs. We think it’s important to stick as close to nature as possible, as well as keep sugar and fat content to a minimum wherever we can — all without sacrificing on taste. We want you to love every mouthful. From a kick-starting superfood blend, to a heavy duty weight gainer formula — we’ve got something to suit any plant-based lifestyle.

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Want to be a part of #Myvegang?

At Myvegan, our brand ethos is to inspire others to live a lifestyle that has sustainability at its heart. As the world's first plastic neutral sports nutrition brand, you'll be joining a group of people passionate about positive change.

If you inspire your community or audience through your social media, or if you're an industry professional keen to share your expertise, we'd love to hear from you!

The program will create an opportunity for you to build your profile by sharing inspiring, educational and fun content around MYVEGAN on your social media channels.

*Please note places are limited, but we plan to support as many content creators as we can.

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