What Moves You, Makes You

What moves you, makes you.

Whether that’s moving for your health, your mind, or any other part of your wellbeing – we're here to support you every step of the way.

This year, move more than just your body. Because it all starts with your mindset.

We’re championing everyone with a healthy intention, no matter what motivates you, to find what you’re moving for.

And you won’t be doing it alone – the Myvegan community of ambassadors, nutritionists, and like-minded people will be sharing inspo and advice all month long to empower each other’s journeys.

Real stories

Follow us on socials to hear inspirational stories from the Myvegan community. 

Our ambassadors will share what's motivating them this year, along with tips to empower your own movement. 

From 5-minute workouts to daily wellness habits, there's sure to be something that inspires you this month.

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Inspiring recipes

Whether you're looking for a comforting meal, tasty snack, or high-protein breakfast, you'll find everything you need for your healthy plant-based lifestyle. 

Every recipe is packed with nutritious ingredients like chia seeds, oats, chickpeas and more.

Discover something completely new, or learn to refresh an old favourite - keeping your meals varied is a fantastic way to stay motivated with your health goals. 

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Expert advice

Read all about how to maintain good physical and mental wellbeing as part of a healthy lifestyle, from our expert nutritionists.

Want to find out which foods are best for gut health? Or how your diet can support your immune system? Or just want to learn what superfoods really are? Discover all this and more with our in-depth articles.

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