Plant-Based Proteins & Blends — Get The Full Scoop

We’re on hand to help you get everything you need (and more) from your plant-based diet. By developing a range of quality natural powders and blends, we’ve made it even easier for you nail vegan nutrition and enrich your everyday with plant power.

Whether you’re reaching for specific fitness goals or just want to be sure you’re filling up on the right fuel, we’ve got something for you. Just take a look…


Vegan Protein Blend

vegan protein blend

This is a seriously delicious way to hit your daily protein requirements. Smooth-mixing and available in indulgent flavours like Coffee & Walnut, it’s a powder that provides 22g of plant-based protein per serving — at just 102 calories.

It’s easy to mix up into a great-tasting shake just by adding water or milk, or you could always get a little more creative and add a scoop to your baking or Sunday morning pancakes.


Soy Protein Isolate

soy protein isolate

Looking for your fix of protein without any unnecessary extras? This one’s for you. We’ve used an innovative process to provide a powder that has a massive 90% protein content, with only 0.2g of fat and zero sugar per serving.

Whatever your lifestyle, activity-level, or diet plan, nutritionals like that mean this is sure to fit in to your routine.


Pea Protein Isolate

pea protein isolate

Using nothing but the power of peas, we’ve created an all-natural plant-based powder that is completely free from any artificial sweeteners or flavourings. Each serving delivers 23g of protein, with zero sugar and only 107 calories.

We’ve left it unflavoured, which means it’s super-easy for you to add it to anything you fancy. Try a scoop with your morning oats, favourite smoothies, or in your next batch of brownies for a helpful boost of this all-important macronutrient.


Vegan Protein & Greens

vegan protein and greens

Now this blend really packs a punch — in a good way, we promise. Not only does it deliver 19g of plant-based protein per serving, but it’s loaded with the nutrients of 27 superfood extracts. Talk about convenience.

These include kale, acerola, spinach, chlorella and grape seed extract (just to name a few), helping you to stay topped up on vitamin C, iron and calcium, just by having a deliciously flavoured shake.

It’s ideal to keep you feeling on top form, as getting your daily allowance of these important nutrients will support your immune system,1 metabolism,2 and can reduce tiredness.3


Vegan Gainer Blend

vegan gainer blend

If you’re looking to increase mass — or just need a helping hand reaching your daily calorie targets —this hard-hitting blend is here to make things simple. Packed with 29g of protein and stacked with 39g of carbs from a unique mix of organic flours, each serving weighs in at an impressive 400 calories. Forget endless meal prep — this is how you cut right to the chase.

Low in sugar and coming in tempting flavours like Banana Cream and Vanilla Raspberry, it’s a delicious addition to your routine.


Vegan Pre-Workout

vegan pre-workout

Not many people are ready and raring to go at the first sound of their alarm. Some days it’s a real struggle to find the motivation to get out of bed and into your trainers. That’s where our Vegan Pre-Workout comes in.

A powerful blend of plant-based ingredients including green coffee and tea extracts, it’s a natural source of caffeine which has been proven to improve endurance, concentration,6 speed and power.7

We’ve also included corn-fermented l-citrulline, which research has found can improve oxygen uptake and exercise performance,8 along with nitrates from beetroot extract and added vitamin C, for a natural pick-me-up.1,3

In summary, this is the kick-start your training’s been waiting for.


BCAA Sustain

vegan bcaa sustain

Another one to help you achieve more from your workouts, BCAA Sustain is the number one choice for keeping hydrated. A source of all three essential amino acids — leucine, isoleucine, and valine — it can help to decrease muscle fatigue,9 speeding along your recovery after exercise.

It’s also contains the essential electrolytes sodium and magnesium, which help to restore electrolyte balance, support muscle function, and reduce tiredness.10 As electrolytes are lost through sweat, it’s especially important that you replenish these after exercise too.

Simply mix this fruity powder with water for a refreshing drink to sip on throughout your session.


Vegan Recovery Blend

vegan recovery blend

Last, but definitely not least, our Vegan Recovery Blend. If you want to help your body out after pushing it to its limits during training, then this should be your go-to post-workout shake.

Delivering an ideal ratio of plant-based protein and a combination of both complex and simple carbohydrates, it’s engineered to spur on muscle recovery11 and growth,12 while preventing muscle fatigue.13

It’s also a source of all the essential amino acids, along with natural extracts such as curcumin which can help to control inflammation in the body,14 and black pepper which vitalises the nervous system.15

You could say it’s the perfect finish.


Take Home Message

Back your body with any of these powders and blends and you could be seeing a real difference in no time — whether it’s just in terms of general wellbeing, or a specific training goal, there’s something here to fast-track your progress.

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Lauren Dawes

Lauren Dawes

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